Price Widget

Get commodity prices on your website by using the widget. We give examples of how to implement a widget using the iframe tag. If you want to have specific commodity prices on your website do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We will provide you support for implementing the widget.

The advised widths are: 400px, 800px and 1200px.
The advised heights are: 360px, 580px and 800px.
Copy the following in your html page to get the example prices in various formats.

Oilseed Prices:

<iframe width='400px' height='800px' src='https://www.commoditybasis.com/widget/34a151a153/'></iframe>

Vegoil Prices:

<iframe width='400px' height='800px' src='https://www.commoditybasis.com/widget/5a4a8/'></iframe>

Meal Prices:

<iframe width='400px' height='800px' src='https://www.commoditybasis.com/widget/32a29a138/'></iframe>