Zbigniew Ohler Broker

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C.K. Norwida 4

Zip, City, Province, Country

80-280, Gdansk, Pomeranian, Poland


Corn, Wheat, Rapeseed



Telephone, Fax

+48 58 770 9090, +48 58 765 0644




Z. Ohler Commodity Brokers company operates on grain and all related by-products as an intermediary between companies. 
Our company is acting on the domestic and international market. We cooperate with large and small trading companies, mills, feed factories, distilleries and crushing plants in the European markets, Baltic, North Sea as well as Mediterranean and Black sea markets. We are also Gafta and VdG members.

We are able to keep track of the market prices on a daily basis and therefore meet both the seller and the buyer halfway with the most favourable offer. We negotiate the best solutions and provide our customers with information about the price and demand/supply tendencies in the market.

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