Sugarloaf Trading Group (Trading)

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17318 Comanche Bluff Suite #101

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78023-3402, Helotes, Texas, United States


Sugar, different varieties


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+ 1 908 315 3708, +1 512 423 3075



Sugarloaf Trading Group LLC (Sugarloaf) is an USDA CERTIFIED SPECIALTY SUGAR importer. We created Sugarloaf as a joint venture with a Brazilian export company and several Brazilian sugar mills. As a result our Vertical Integrated Supply Chain, We are able to bring Specialty Sugars to the U.S. market at competative prices.

Our company possesses industry expertise in the áreas of sugar production, logistics, retail,wholesale and food service. Our distribution network has coverage of the entire continental United States. Gloabally, we have the capability to ship to countries abroad as a result of our strategic relationship with global ocean freight companies.


USDA Special Sugar Certification
Brazilian Export License (RADAR)
Brazilian Ministry of Agricultural Registration Brazilian Chamber of Commerce Certification 

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