Schepens Rice Brokers

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Jan Blockxstraat 1

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2018, Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium




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+32 3259 1760, +32 3259 1761



Ever since Schepens & Co was created in 1912 by the great-grandfather of the present owner, Mr Jean-Paul Schepen, the company has been opening up new rice markets around the world. Quality-conscious and eager to find new opportunities for buyers, Schepens brokers travel continuously to rice-producing regions to search out new suppliers. This is how Schepens & Co stays in close contact with the first stage of the rice trade: the paddy fields, the processing of milled rice and the various operations at rice mills.

Schepens & Co is also present at major exhibitions, and is a valued participant at rice symposiums and conventions. This involvement at all levels in the market gives Schepens unique advantages which the company is able to share with its customers, thereby adding real value to contracts.

Both buyers and sellers come to Schepens for information, offers and bids. When the opportunity arises to conclude a contract, we can provide a Schepens confirmation that contains all the necessary conditions, terms, duties and rights for both parties. These contracts are established in accordance with the standard industry conditions, such as the London Rice Brokers’ Association, GAFTA, Rice Millers’ Association, SVRP, or Associazione Granaria di Milano, depending on the type of rice, means of transportantion or adequacy.

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