Plantureux & Associés

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14 Place Georges Pompidou

Zip, City, Province, Country

93 167, Noisy le Grand Cedex, Île-de-France, France


Grains, Oilseeds, Vegoils, Meals


Telephone, Fax

+33 1 49 89 46 46, +33 1 49 89 46 47



PLANTUREUX & ASSOCIES is an agricultural commodities brokerage firm founded in 1986 in France and operating internationally. We pride ourselves on our team's versatility and complementary expertise regarding all types of grains, oilseeds, co-products, and biofuels, and on the close relationships we maintain in the complex and different worlds of sellers and buyers.  These qualities allow us to uphold the highest standards on behalf of our collaborators and to reinforce our role as an informed "dialog box" between buyers and sellers.

Here's a look at our organization and history, which has defined the originality of Plantureux & Associés.

In this context, of course, technical expertise is required and creativity is needed to arrive at the best compromise and to maintain win/win relationships!

Beyond the historic role of broker, Plantureux & Associés has lived up to its commitment and demonstrated its originality in the food commodities sector through the evolution of forward transactions market structures and the development of futures markets.

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