Malouine de Courtage

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13 rue du Clos Matignon

Zip, City, Province, Country

35400, st. Malo, Brittany, France


OIlseeds, Grains, Corn, Meal


Telephone, Fax

+33 2 2318 0101, +33 2 9956 2419



Founded in 1999, Malouine de Courtage  is a brokerage firm dedicated to developing trading activity in the french food processing industry. The protein center was created in 2001 and further developed when Laurent Dugué took over in 2003.

We have been present on the interational market since 2008 when we extended our commercial activities to Europe and the Black Sea.  We expanded further in 2010 by creating our shipping logistics unit. By establishing our Netherlands office in 2012, we gained access to reliable international markets information. Our Managing Partner, Erik Van Leeuwen has been a broker in oil cake for cattle feeding since 1995. Our broker, Menno Van den Broek, joined our office in 2013 and has extensive experience trading various cattle cakes.

We offer 3 major business areas  :

1 –Marketrisk management through hedging strategies and taking advantage of arbitrage opportunities (physical and futures).
2 – Commercial development support; contract negotiation, drafting and performance guarantees, and market research.
3 –Advisory : Our team of brokers is expert and technical issues that matter to our clients’ success. 

We have strong connections to the french animal feedindustry, to international suppliers and to trading companies that enable us to provide high quality information to our clients. We always seek to add new tools and solutions to the problems you may encounter.

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