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Via Fatebenefratelli 12

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20121, Milan, Milan, Italy


Wheat, Corn, Oilseeds, Oils, Meals


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+39 02 6596166, +39 02 653021



Ital-Bras is a brokerage company established in 1980, working with all the agricultural exporters around the world and always selecting suppliers and buyers carefully in order to minimize bad surprises with supplies and payments of the good bought.

The main items we deal with are cereals, like wheat for milling and for feeding purposes and maize. We are also active in the Italian imports of oilseeds currently arriving mainly from Eastern Europe. In view of this we regularly handle contracts of edible oils and meals.

Our main quality is the care we put in the execution of our contracts where we are always present to settle at the best of our capacities eventual inconvenients due to unpredictable situation that at times might occur.

Being a traditional Broker we give much importance to the personal relations where trust is our main asset together with our professionality and frankness.

Of course we are following all the changes occurring in the world trade of agricultural commodities thus we watch and study very carefully the growing-up of new agricultural products in the offing. "Honest Broker" is our suitable label. 

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