Intertrading Agronegocios

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R. Maua, 1100 - Alto da Glória

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80030-200, Curitiba, Paraná, Brazil


Corn, Soybeans



+55 41 3017 1300



Intertrading Agronegócios acts as a commodities broker in the agricultural physical market. Supported by comprehensive communication and information facilities Intertrading has an agile approach towards potential buyers and sellers.

Intertrading consultants monitor the behavior of commodities on the major commodity exchanges in Brazil and the world in order to provide the best trading solutions in the domestic and export markets of Corn and Soybeans.

Our professionals in the futures markets (CBOT and NYBOT) make graphical analyses and monitor the daily fundamentals of the main agricultural derivatives.

To bring even better service to the customer, Intertrading has an integrated network of employees. Our headquarters are in Curitiba/PR and we have a branch in Sorriso/MT. Our offices are located in strategic regions.

Intertrading is equipped with communication security software, has a strict information confidentiality policy and is rigorous in our compliance with all the rules and institutions that govern and oversee the financial market.

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