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291 rue du Robinson

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Cereals, Oils, Proteins


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INTER-COURTAGE works in import-export cereal brokering, in the malt trade and brokerage and has been systematically able to innovate and adapt to the many changes in these sectors. For several decades, INTER-COURTAGE, through its serious approach and the professionalism of its teams and has enjoyed the confidence of its partners.

Cash Market Activities

Responding to the specific requests of each customer is a daily challenge for the team of cash brokers.While respecting the broker code of ethics, and exercising extreme vigilance, our team is able to offer a complete set of marketing tools: negotiated contract, premium contract, option contract, framework contract, etc. Our knowledge of cash markets among all stakeholders (storage agencies, animal feed manufacturers, industrial processors, millers, international shippers, etc.) means that our clients can be sure of the success of their business.

Futures Market Activities

Convinced of the importance and usefulness of futures markets since 1994, we actively participated in the elaboration and development of grain futures markets in France.Approved goods negotiators on the NYSE Euronext market, and an active member of Euronext expert Committees, our team of professionals is at your disposal to provide tools for risk management tailored to your needs (vanilla option, Asian option, strategy, etc.).

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