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In the last 10 years, Agritel has been assessing the agricultural and agrifood sectors and their strategies to manage price risk.
Agritel is based both in Paris, working with all Western Europe, and in Kiev, working with Eastern Europe, Ukraine and Russia.

The agricultural world suffers constant evolutions. New risks are appearing and thus create new needs among the sector. Trade glabalization, market volatility, new technologies, agroenergy, are only a few of the numerous factors that impact the agricultural sector on a daily basis.Volatility is now structural on agricultural markets and the sector now has to manage its impacts on their activity.

Price risk management is: Identify the level of risk exposure of each induvidual company and define strategies to reduce the impacts of market volatility. Understand and use the financial tools available to mitigate price risk. Monitor the agricultural markets, assess their evolutions, be ractive and anticipate price movements.

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