Agricote Courtage

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ZAC Felix Ch├ędin - Bldg C5B

Zip, City, Province, Country

18000, Bourges, Berry, France


Cereals, Vegoils, Proteins


Telephone, Fax

+33 2 4865 8000, +33 2 4865 8001



A producer, a buyer, a single intermediate! Agricote Courtage was born in 2007 to provide a simplified marketing solution for bringing producers and buyers of agricultural commodities together. The advantages for both parties are. Based in the Centre region, Bourges, Agricote Courtage is now made up of 20 people, including 10 brokers and three logistics managers

•   Remuneration of investments
•   Reduced logistics costs
•   The qualities of product warranties
•   Policy optimization of purchases and sales
•   Neutrality and transparency of the intermediary
•   Contracts in compliance with the commitments (payment, delivery, quality, ...)

Our Mission:

•   Provide transparent prices in real time throughout France
•   Offer reliable counterparties
•   Ensure flawless execution of contracts

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